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Musings, rants and observations of a non-prophet


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No inflated hyperbole, just a guy trying to make a difference. Resigned to the fact that in the work of "good to great" it may outlast my lifetime. But I'm going to try and get close.


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It is amazing of what can get done over a cup of coffee.

Still in its infancy as a practice and a study. From the halls of academia to the streets where our work has impact -- we are the bridges.

We can never lose sight of why we chose mission work -- the hand held, the comforted, those made safe, those made healthy and all the lives touched. We are the difference makers in a world that can show indifference.

Everyone defines it differently. From shoes on feet, a meal, or a safe place. From thousands to one-at-a-time, good work is good.

The toughest work we'll ever love. We're not alone, there is no fixed manifesto other than the one we write through our work every day.