Tuning Into Leadership

If you ever stream music while at work (if your IT guys let you suck up that kind of bandwidth), it can be amazing how you may not really hear 4 or 5 songs and then one catches you or strikes a chord (pun intended) and you tune in to enjoy it.

Meetings can be the same way — they can pass like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher, “wah, wah, wah, wah, wah”, and then a word, action, or movement will tune you back in.  Not the best setting for leaders to “tune out”.

Staying totally tuned in takes practice and can pay some big dividends:

  • you can observe the group dynamics
  • monitor body language (sometimes louder than words)
  • see those that tune out
  • identify opportunities
  • ask informed questions
  • show that you’re engaged
  • define what is important
  • determine whether the meeting is necessary (one of my favorites)

And of course many more.  I have to work very hard at staying fully “tuned in” and hope that I’m not the only easily distracted spirit in the room.  Takes focus and practice. A lot.

Another observation about “tuning in” — really hard to do when you’re the only one talking.